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Shaantam Resort




Rishikesh, Uttarakhand



Design Team

Manuj Agarwal Architects


Mr. Ajay Singhal


Shaantam Resorts

Shaantam is a luxury spa resort in the Himalayas overlooking the holy town.Surrounded by the serenity of majestic green Himalayan ranges, the luxurious elegance of this cottage allows you to surrender yourself entirely to the warmth and natural beauty of the environment.


From the land, which used to be a complete hill with shrubs and weeds all around to the best resort hotels in Rishikesh. It boasts of unsurpassed natural beauty. Lying in the foothills of India’s highest mountain range, it is dipped in lush greenery and embraces mother-nature at its lavish best.

Shaantam is a resort which provides the perfect ambience to detoxify the stressed minds and souls. As we get immersed in this mystic spell of luxury nestled in nature’s lap, we are in complete harmony with creation. It is a mental reset button, which makes us begin life with a fresh perspective.

Shaantam Resort Night View
Cottage Room
Shaantam Resort SPA
Shaatam Resort Site Plan | Manuj Agarwal Architects
Sectional View

Shaantam resort has been conceptualised & built with the inspiration by the ancient ethics of Ayurveda & modern day needs, with spaces inclusive for all. Right from indoor facilities – spa, yoga and meditation center, snooker, chess, and carom etc. to adventure sports like bungee jumping, trekking, safari and campfire.



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