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Manuj Agarwal Architects

Manuj Agarwal Architects is a dynamic and progressive architecture and interior design firm. We have worked on diverse projects ranging from Housing, Residential, Commercial, Tourism and Hospitality. Our interests lie in sustainability, traditional building crafts, urban studies, construction systems, collective spaces and inclusive architecture.

Our Design Process

Our immediate environment is the space that we subconsciously create and inhabit. There is a certain romanticism to our work, a narrative quality that leads the viewer into varied experiences, and we enjoy creating work which references the old,has a hint of nostalgia while being wholly innovative. Living in a hill state, our architecture is climate sensitive and the relationship between built form and the external environment constant. The design philosophy stresses on a detailed pre-design study of the site including the climatic conditions, socio-cultural aspects, available local skills and crafts, a strong focus on material research and an assessment of the client’s requirements.

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Meet the Team

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Principal Architect

Manuj Agarwal

Having an experience of more than 12 years in raising most of the projects in the Himalayan state of Uttrakhand, we happen to develop a style which is local and is having a sustainable intent towards Modern Contemporary Architecture researching and working at all three levels:Urban, Architectural and Interior Design.

Intern | Manuj Agarwal Architects

Architecture Intern 

Rashmi Sahu

I define myself as a determined, hardworking,easy going and a well scheduled person, making a checklist of things need to be done and focused on.
My inspiration of Architecture and design is through art and my desire to scribble, draw, paint, and even  demolish to shape my  imaginative sphere into a reality.

Intern | Manuj Agarwal Architects

Architectural and Product Intern

Ankita Parekh

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student of B.Arch (Hons.) studying at IIT Kharagpur.


I am forever inspired by the nuances of nature, with underpinning the balance between aesthetics and functionality in a given space. 

Intern | Manuj Agarwal Architects

Architecture Intern

Dewansh Dodrajka

An ardent explorer of art and architecture, being a passionate and ambitious person striving for continous growth,learnings,opportunities and improvements. I believe that great design is the result of collaborative work combined with innovative and sensitive values that transform a place into a better living.

Intern | Manuj Agarwal Architects

Architectural Intern

Jyoti Shilpkar

An enthusiast and creative human following her heart out, exploring art and architecture. I believe in weaving out beautiful spaces cling to the comfort and functionality of user through all of our vulnerabilities, expressing creative thoughts to the world that are to be questioned, argued, and encouraged to push the limits of one's imagfination without regret but yet enough humble to relate human lifestyle and environment. For me Architecture is more about convenient and environment friendly designs.

Intern | Manuj Agarwal Architects

Architecture Intern

Lohit Yadav

I firmly believe a design as an emotion connecting people and places bringing them together and mend the isolated relationsip
in between through shapes,solids and landscape, it is about the play of light,shadow,air,and user.
My designs priorities include human comfort and ease, playing solid geometry inspired by nature escapes.

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