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I  N  D  I  G  E  N  O  U  S
H  O  U  S  E




Dehradun, Uttarakhand



Design Team

Manuj Agarwal Architects


Manuj Agarwal Architects

M A N U J   A G A R W A L


B  R  I  E  F     O  F     T  H  E     S  I  T  E

The house functions as an architect's studio cum home in the city of dehradun, with a rustic,homely atmosphere nestled in the natural environment. The site was originally a lowland at almost 10’ deep from the road level. The work essentially exhibits three attributes- landscape, local materials and exposed structure.

On a 4500 sq ft site of the house we envisioned  a relatively modern architectural expression that would be interpretive of a vernacular aesthetic, while accommodating its green surroundings. An architecture of rough cut mountainous stone which essentially belongs to the hills complements with floors of rough and leather polished Kadappa and Eta Gold in the studio floor.

Projected as a Sustainable Building Infrastructure, rain water is harvested from the roof and collected in the tank to be reused for flushing cisterns in the studio cum home as well as landscape purposes. Principally planned as a daylight building, the workstations are placed on the glass façade of the building to receive the maximum daylight. 

The Indigenous House, designed by Manuj Agarwal Architects, is a luxurious yet affordable residence located in Dehradun, Utta
Situated on a 4500 sq ft site, the house serves a dual purpose as both a residence and an architectural studio. The design ph
The construction prominently features rough-cut mountain stone, which provides excellent thermal insulation, and floors made



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