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The 10 Acre site is located in the Himalayan Foothills beside the Ganges river in Rishikesh. The campus houses the main academic block, a courtyard, auditorium & a sports block facility for 2000 students – girls and boys.

The academic block is designed as a series of alternating rectangular blocks of exposed brick and concrete. From the reddish-brown, rustic tones to the warm hues of orange exposed brickwork have an unmistakable charm and envelop a place to make it space for the classrooms.The brick architecture keeps the temperature of the classrooms & corridors regulated, which turned out to be a game changer at a lower expense.

The large balcony in the front facade acts as an open to sky platform which can be used by students & staff to watch over the sports activities in the playgrounds or to just sit, lounge around and interact with each other in their free time. A large space which accommodates a 500 seater auditorium, dance and music rooms is provided which connects the separate blocks. The basement is amply lit and ventilated through semi circular courtyards.

The project was designed & managed from concept to site by Manuj Agarwal who headed a six-member team as Principal architect at Manuj Agarwal Architecture , Dehradun.

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